ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fall 2010
Interdisciplinary Training Seminar in Education Sciences

Education and Health: Causes and Consequences

Adam Gamoran, Sociology 875
Fridays 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Room 259, Education Sciences bldg


September 3:

Alyn Turner, Sociology, “Issues in Social Research on Education and Health.”

September 10 :

David Weimer, Political Science, “Medical Governance and Evidence-Based Medicine.”

Weimer, D. (2010). Governance and Evidence-Based Medicine

September 17 :

Paul Moberg, Population Health Sciences, “Recovery High Schools to Support Adolescents Recovering from Substance Abuse: Studying Feasibility and Effectiveness.”

Moberg & Finch (2008). Recovery High Schools
Diehl (2003). Recovery High School

September 24:

Hiren Nisar, Economics, “Do Charter Schools Improve Student Achievement?”

Nisar (2010). Do Charter Schools Improve Student Achievement?

October 1 :

Barbara Wolfe, Economics and La Follette School of Public Affairs, "Increasing Our Understanding of the Tie between Income and Health."

Fletcher & Wolfe (2010). Increasing Our Understanding of the Health-Income Gradient.

October 8 : NO MEETING

October 10 & 11:

Conference on Child Health and Well-Being
Pyle Center, 702 Langdon, room 226
(co-sponsored by ITP and the Institute for Research on Poverty). ITP Fellows to attend at least one session of the conference.

Link to Conference Agenda

October 15 :

Katherine Magnuson, Social Work, “Discussion of the Conference on Child Health and Well-Being.”

October 22 :

Robert M. Hauser and Alberto Palloni, Sociology, "Adolescent IQ and Survival in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study."

October 29 :

Steven Alvarado, Sociology, "The Effect of Obesity on Educational Outcomes."

November 5:

Michelle Robinson, Sociology, "FAST and Child Outcomes: Exploring the Roles of Social and Emotional Capital for Children's Socio-emotional Development."

November 12:

Tim Classen, Economics, Loyola University Chicago, "Adolescent Obesity and Education Accumulation."

Classen (2009), "Obesity and Educational Attainment"
Classen (2009), "The Effect of Relative Weight Status..."

November 19:

Alberto Palloni, Sociology, "Maternal and Infant Health of the Mexican-Origin Population in the United States: The Role of Acculturation, Duration, and Selection."

November 26: No Meeting – Thanksgiving

December 3:

Colleen Moore, Psychology, "Pollutant Exposure Can Affect Children's School Performance: A Brief Overview."

Readings (choose several; see bibilography below for paper titles):
Moore (2003)
Miranda et al. (2007)
Stansfeld et al. (2005)
Comment and reply on Stansfeld et al. (2005)

December 10 :

Adam Gamoran, Sociology, "Summing Up."



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