ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

ITP Fellows & Faculty at the 2007 IES Conference
June 7-8, Washington, D.C.

ITP Group
ITP group with P.I. Adam Gamoran (front, center)

Steven alvarado
Steven Alvarado explaining his poster to our program officer, Robin Harwood.
View Steven Alvarado & Geoffrey Borman's poster. (PDF)

Chris Hulleman
Chris Hulleman talks with a conference attendee about his research.
View Chris Hulleman, Brian An, Bryan Hendricks and
Judith Harackiewicz's poster
. (PDF)

Jill Bowdon
Jill Bowdon discusses her poster with Barbara Foorman, director
of the Florida Center for Reading Research.
View Jill Bowdon and Jeffrey Grigg 's poster. (PDF)

David Fleming
David Fleming discusses his poster with ITP deputy director Geoffrey Borman.
View Josh Cowen and David Fleming's poster. (PDF)

Jeffrey Grigg
Jeffrey Grigg and Paul Hanselman discuss their poster with
IES director Grover (Russ) Whitehurst.
View Jeffrey Grigg, Paul Hanselman, and Sarah Bruch's poster . (PDF)

Nick Mader
Nicholas Mader discusses his poster with conference attendees.
View Nicholas Mader's poster . (PDF)

Sheree Schrager and James Benson
Sheree Schrager and James Benson carry their posters through National airport.
View Sheree Schrager, Céline Darnon, and Judith M. Harackiewicz's poster . (PDF)
View James Benson and Geoffrey Borman's poster . (PDF)