ITP UW-Madison

Society for Research on Child Development

2011 Biennial Meeting

Montréal, Canada

Ten ITP fellows from UW-Madison attended the SRCD conference in Montreal, March 31 - April 2. Sociology fellows Dominique Dust, Jeremy Fiel, Rachel Fish, Anna Haskins, David Rangel, Michelle Robinson and Alyn Turner collaborated on four papers as part of the symposium “Parent Social Networks, the Parent-Child Bond, and Children’s Social Adjustment." ITP fellows in psychology Pooja Sidney and Shanta Hattikudur also presented posters about their current research.

Alyn Turner presenting "The Moderating Effects of Social Capital on Gender Differences in Child Outcomes."

UW-Madison sociology students Megan Shoji, Alyn Turner, Anna Haskins, Dominique Dust.

Symposium panel L-R: Jeremy Fiel, Dr. Ruth Lopez Turley (Rice Univ.), ITP Director Adam Gamoran, Alyn Turner and Dr. Monique Mills (Ohio State).

ITP Director Adam Gamoran.

UW-Madison graduate students Megan Shoji, Rachel Fish (ITP), and Amanda Bohlig work on the "Children, Families, and Schools Project," which measures the effects of social capital on the cognitive and social development of children in the early elementary years.