ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Spring 2017 - Interdisciplinary Training Seminar in Education Sciences

The ITP Friday brownbag seminar series this fall will highlight issues of "scaling up" education reforms, and how high-quality evidence can inform scale up. While this is a required course for ITP fellows, members of the university community are welcome to attend.

Instructor: Geoffrey Borman
ELPA 940 (section 6), 1 cr.
Fridays, 12-1:30 pm, unless noted
259 Education Sciences (except March 24)

See the schedule on Google Calendar


20 January:

Peter Goff, UW Madison- Educational Psychology

"Educator Labor Markets: Typologies, biases, and trends"

27 January:

Dan Bolt, UW Madison- Educational Psychology

"Item Complexity as a Source of Test Score Growth Deceleration Across Grade Levels"

Reading: Lee & Bolt, Delivered to ITP participants; Bolt, Deng, & Lee (2014)

3 February:

Madeline Hafner, UW Madison- Minority Student Achievement Network

"Developing Collaborative Research Initiatives: How MSAN is Bridging the Research-Practice Gap"


10 February: Cancelled- Will be rescheduled

Mesmin Destin, Northwestern University- Psychology

"Identity-Based Approaches to Improve Student Outcomes and Reduce Socioeconomic Disparities in Education"


17 February:

David Kaplan, UW Madison- Educational Psychology

“Optimizing Prediction in the Context of Large-Scale Educational Assessments”

Readings: Kaplan & Lee (2015); Kaplan & Lee (2016) Delivered to ITP participants

24 February:

Claudia Persico, UW Madison- Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

"The Effects of Specific Environmental Toxicants on Children's Health, Development and Achievement"

3 March:

Jason Fletcher, UW-Madison, La Follette School of Public Affairs

"Uncovering Heterogeneous Effects in the Head Start Evaluation"

10 March:

Translational Workshop 12:00 - 2:00

*Education Building, Wisconsin Idea Room*

Moderated by Eric Grodsky. Panelists: Vivian Tseng, Vice President of Programs - Wiliam T. Grant Foundation; Nicole Deterding, National Poverty Fellow

17 March:

Cameron Hecht, UW-Madison, Psychology

"Promoting STEM Motivation Through Expectancies and Values"

24 March: Spring Break- No session

31 March:

Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative, WCER

"Exploring the Evaluation Process, Impact on Policy and Programs, and Evaluation as a Career Path"

7 April:

Stafford Hood, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign- Department of Curriculum & Instruction

"My Journey as an Aspiring Culturally Responsive Evaluator" Sponsered by the LEAD Center

14 April:

Sean Reardon, Stanford-Poverty and Inequality in Education, Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

“200 million test scores and what do we know: Income, race, and the geography of educational opportunity in the US”

21 April:

Markus Brauer, UW-Madison, Professor of Psychology

"Promoting Inclusiveness and Reducing the Achievement Gap in School and College Settings"


Bolt D., Deng S., Lee S. (2014) "IRT Model Specification and Measurement of Growth in Vertical Scaling", Journal of Education Measurement. 51(2), p. 141-162

Kaplan D., Lee C. (2015) "Bayesian Model Averaging Over Directed Acyclic Graphs with Implications for the Predictive Performance of Structural Equation Models", Sturctural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplainary Journal, 00, p. 1-11