ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Spring 2008 Interdisciplinary Training Seminar in Education Sciences

Sociology 875
Fridays, 12:00-1:30 p.m.
13th floor boardroom, Ed Sciences Building


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January 25:

Robert M. Hauser, Sociology, "Measuring Socioeconomic Status in the National Assessment of Educational Progress."
[Readings: "Proposed items" ; "Reliability of student and parent reports" ; "Plan for analyzing ECLS-K data" ; "Analysis plan for 2007 pilot studies." ]

February 1:

William J. Reese, EPS and History, "The Origins of Academic Standards and Promotion Policies in the Public Schools."

February 8:

John Witte, Political Science, Josh Cowen, & David Fleming, ITP fellows, Political Science, "The Milwaukee Choice Program: Sampling and Modeling Issues for a Longitudinal Growth Study."

February 15:

Felix Elwert, Sociology, "Causal Inference for Time-Varying Treatments: Part I"
[Readings: Robins (2001) ; Pearl (1995) ; Hernan (2004) ]. For a copy of the two lecture handouts, please contact prof. Elwert by email.

February 22:

Felix Elwert, Sociology, "Causal Inference for Time-Varying Treatments: Part II"
[Reading: Robins (1999) ]

February 29:

Richard Prather, ITP fellow, Psychology, "Knowledge and the Use of Arithmetic Principles."

March 7:

NO MEETING -- Students are invited to the Sociology department "Area Fair," 8417 Sewell Bldg, noon.

March 14:

Alyn Turner, ITP fellow, Sociology, & Carolina Milesi, Sociology, "The Role of Health in Understanding the Black-White Test Score Gap."

March 21:


March 28:


April 4:

Anat Gofen, IRP and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, " Parental Involvement among the Poor and among the Rich: Different Motivations, Different Strategies."
[Reading: Gofen, "Intergenerational Breakthrough" ]

April 11:

Hilary Shager, ITP fellow, Social Work, "The Effects of Increased Maternal Education on Children’s Achievement: Evidence from the ECLS-K."

April 18:

Alyn Turner, ITP fellow, Sociology, "Randomized Trials in Practice: Internship Experience at Mathematica's D.C. Office."

April 25:

NO MEETING -- Students should attend the Value-Added Modeling conference, April 23-24, Fluno Center, UW-Madison.

May 2:

James Benson, ITP fellow, Sociology, "High School Course-taking Policies and Postsecondary Educational Outcomes for Community College Students: Have Increased Curriculum Requirements Increased the Probabilities of Success?"

May 9:

Martín Santos, Sociology; Gary Cook, WIDA; Eleonora Hicks, EPS: "Effects of Native Language and Contextual Factors on the Learning Trajectory of English Language Learners: A Growth Model Approach."
[Reading: Raudenbush, "Comparing Personal Trajectories"]


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