ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Spring 2015 - Interdisciplinary Training Seminar in Education Sciences

Eric Grodsky
SOC 875
Fridays, 12 - 1:30 pm
**Room 259 or 253 Education Sciences (varies by date)**

See the schedule on Google Calendar

Note from Eric Grodsky: This semester should be an exciting one in ITP. I have reached out to colleagues in state agencies, the Madison Metropolitan School District and the state legislature to invite them to join us, so do not be surprised to see guests in the audience. You will note on our calendar that some sessions have discussants as well. These discussants will start off our group discussion with some brief remarks about the presentation from the perspective of policy makers.


January 30 - Room 253:
Eric Grodsky will faciliate the discussion, "How Can Researchers Support the Work of Policy Makers? Effective Partnership Strategies"

Reading: Bogenschneider & Corbett (2010), Chapters 1 & 2

February 6 - Room 259:
Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, School of Human Ecology, "Sesame Street's Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration Initiative." (Discussant: Beth Vaade, MMSD Research & Program Evaluation Office)

Reading: Poehlmann et al. (2010)

February 13 - Room 259:
Rick Chappell, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, "Biases in Clinical Trials and How We Try to Fight Them"

Read about the Women's Health Initiative: and

February 20 - Room 253:
Libbie Brey, Sarah Brown, & Andrea Donovan (ITP & Psychology), “Three Reports on Current Research in Psychology.”

February 27 - TALK CANCELLED

March 6 - Room 253:
Peter Miller, ELPA, “School Brokerage amid Shifting Conditions of Student Homelessness” (Discussant: Donna Jost, 4K Instructional Resource Teacher)

Miller & Bourgeois (2013)
Miller (2011)

March 13 - Room 259:
Mark Berends, Unviersity of Notre Dame, "Early Impacts of the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program: Achievement Effects for Students in Upper Elementary and Middle School"

March 20 - Room 253:
Jayanti Owens, UW-Madison & Brown University, "Early Educational Accountability States and Variation in the Effects of the Childhood ADHD Diagnostic Label on Achievement" (Discussants: Sara Lee, Program Support Teacher, Student Services; Gretchen Forbes, School Nurse, Crestwood and Olson Elementary)

Eisenberg & Schneider (2007)
Bokhari & Schneider (2011)

March 27 - Room 259:
Lonnie Berger, School of Social Work, Director of Institute for Research on Poverty, "Maternal Re-Partnering, Parenting, and Child Wellbeing"

Berger & Bzostek (2014)
Berger & Langton (2011)


April 10 - Room 259:
Karl Alexander, Johns Hopkins, "Schooling as the Path to Upward Mobility?: The Case of Baltimore's Urban Disadvantaged" (co-sponsored with IRP) (Discussant: Bo McCready, Quantitative Research Supervisor, MMSD Research & Program Evaluation Office)

April 17: NO MEETING -- AERA

April 24 - Room 253:
Anthony Jack, Harvard, "'I, Too, Am Hungry': Class, Race, and Structural Exclusion at an Elite University" (sponsored by Social Psychology and Microsociology training seminar)

Aries & Seider (2005)
Jack (2014)

May 1 - Room 259:
Lisa Flook, Waisman Center, "Application of Mindfulness in Education" (Discussants: Sara Parrell, Lead Nurse, Student Services; Doug White, Director of Student Services, Prevention & Wellness Team; Erin Fath, Director of Policy & Budget)

Greenburg & Harris (2011)
Diamond & Lee (2011)
CIHM website with add'l information:

May 8 - Room 259:
Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, University of Delaware, "Language for Reading: Lessons from the Crib" (co-sponsored with Lifecourse Initiative on Healthy Families)

Readings will be distributed to seminar



Aries, E., & Seider, M. (2005). The interactive relationship between class identity and the college experience: The cas of lower income students. Qualitative Sociology 28(4): 419-443.

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