ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


View from Ed Sciences Building ITP Fellows must be enrolled full-time as graduate students in doctoral track programs in Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Educational Psychology, Political Science, Social Welfare program in Social Work, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, or Educational Policy Studies. They must fulfill all the requirements of their disciplinary homes, including coursework, comprehensive examinations, qualifying papers and/or master’s theses, proposals, and dissertations and be firmly grounded in the theoretical and methodological tools of their respective disciplines. They must also fulfill the ITP required coursework and progrms including ITP courses- education across the disciplines, randomized control trials to inform education policy, ITP training seminar - as well as additional methodological and statistical training outside of thier disciplainary home and succesful completion of thier internship. Within this framework, the training program will allow students and their mentors to craft individualized experiences that are suited to the interests of the students and the requirements of their disciplines, while developing thier methodological and analytical competencies.

Participating students will engage in research that addresses pressing questions about education policies, practices and programs. Doctoral dissertations will emphasize questions of “what works” in education that are theoretically informed and stimulated by practical concerns. In addition, all will attend seriously to issues of causal inference, through randomized field trials, quasi-experimental studies, and/or rigorous statistical adjustments to non-experimental data from surveys, observations, and assessments.

Two categories of students are admitted to the program:

  • Entry-level students are in their first or second year of graduate study when they enter ITP.  Entry-level students are eligible to receive at least three but up to five years of funding.

  • Advanced students are dissertators when they enter the ITP and commit to completing their dissertations within two years of entry in to the fellowship.  Advanced students are eligible to receive up to two years of funding.
UW-Madison is committed to recruiting diverse student populations and to ensuring accessibility to all persons, regardless of disability. The McBurney Disability Resource Center helps UW-Madison faculty understand students’ needs and identifies accommodations when appropriate.

Although the UW-ITP program can fund only U.S. citizens or permanent residents, it encourages international students with shared research interests to become part of the UW-ITP community. Please contact the Program Manager for more information about events or becoming an Affiliated International Scholar.

Please see our application page for specific instructions on how to submit your application to UW-ITP. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Program Manager.