ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Program Director

Current research: An efficacy trial of two interventions designed to reduce stereotype threat vulnerability and close academic performance gaps.

Training roles: Will oversee the Interdisciplinary Training Program and teach the research practicum in education sciences; supervises graduate students who analyze data from randomized trials and from national surveys; teaches on educational policy analysis and research design.
Steering Committee Members

Current research: Children’s development of mathematical reasoning; integration of language and gesture in instructional communication.

Training roles: Teaching and advising on cognitive development; supervises Cognitive Development and Communication lab; awarded Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, 2004.

Eric Camburn Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Current research: Instructional improvement in urban schools; the use of survey methods for studying instructional improvement.

Training roles: Teaches and advises on quantitative research methods, including a course in survey research.

ITP Internship Coordinator

Current research: STEM in the new millenium; California's early assessment program and the transition to college; higher education.

Training roles: Teaching and advising on sociology of education, stratification, quantitative methods.

Katherine Magnuson
Associate Professor, Social Work

Current research: Effects of socioeconomic disadvantage, particularly low levels of parental education, on child and family well-being; the effects of early education on children’s school readiness.

Training roles: Teaches and advises on child development and family processes, research methods, the effects of socioeconomic policies on families and children.
Peter M. Steiner
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Current research: Methodology of causal inference; matching and propensity score techniques; regression discontinuity designs; vignette analysis/factorial surveys.

Training roles: Teaches courses on the design and analysis of quasi-experimental methods, as well as statistical methods.

Current research: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Public Economics.

Training roles: Teaches labor economics.

Current research: Study of charter schools in high- and low-choice districts; research on Internet survey methodology, effect of school quality on housing prices.

Training roles: Teaches quantitative methods in political science, trains students on statistical analysis for policy research.
Other training faculty

Daniel Bolt
Professor, Educational Psychology

Current research: Application of latent variable models for test validation, assessment of individual differences, and cognitive diagnosis; application of item response theory to differential item functioning and test dimensionality assessment.

Training roles: Courses and advising on factor analysis, structural equation modeling, classical test theory, item response theory, and hierarchical linear modeling.

Aaron Brower
Professor, Social Work; Interim Provost at UW-Extension and Special Asst. for Educational Strategies to the UW-System President

Current research: Ongoing research on the quasi-experimental study of various college life/college success projects: The National Study of Living-Learning Programs, The PACE Project on college high-risk drinking, the Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning

Training roles: Teaches and advises on college student development and the creation/evaluation of innovative "integrative learning" programs in higher education.

Steven Durlauf
Vilas Professor and Kenneth J. Arrow Professor of Economics

Current research: Integration of social processes into formal models of individual behavior, and development of appropriate statistical models; methods for integrating statistical studies of individual and group behavior into policy evaluation.

Training roles: Courses and advising on statistical methodology, especially network analysis and other methods for studying social interaction.

Current research: Focuses on neighborhood effects, social demography, mortality, and statistical methods of causal inference for the social sciences.

Training roles: Teaches Causality: Mathematical and Statistical Applications in Sociology, and courses on demography, marriage and the family.

Peter Goff
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Current research: K-12 educational policy, leadership evaluation and development, talent and human capital management in education, hiring and selection process

Training roles: Teaches educational finance and resource allocation, applied statistics, research methods and procedures in educational administration

Judith M. Harackiewicz
Paul Pintrich Professor of Psychology

Current research: Longitudinal studies of achievement goals, values and optimal motivation in high school and college education; experimental studies of competition, goals, values and the development of interest.

Training roles: Teaching and advising on achievement motivation and experimental methods; supervises Intrinsic Motivation lab; awarded Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, 2002.

David Kaplan
Patricia Busk Professor of Quantitative Methods, Educational Psychology

Current research: Bayesian statistical inference for latent variable models and for models applied to experimental and observational studies.

Training roles: Teaching courses on structural equation modeling and Bayesian inference. Advising on dissertations.

Jee-Seon Kim
Professor, Educational Psychology

Current research: Development and application of quantitative methods for modeling change, learning, and human development, longitudinal data analysis, issues of omitted variables and multiple imputation, using multilevel and other latent variable models.

Training roles: Teaching courses on hierarchical linear modeling, experimental design, longitudinal data analysis, and latent variable modeling. Advising on theses and dissertations.

John Allen Logan
Associate Professor, Sociology

Current research: Development and application of the two-sided logit model; Markov chain Monte Carlo modeling.

Training roles: Teaches categorical data analysis, advanced statistics, social stratification; advising on advanced, computationally intensive inference methods, collaboration with statisticians and economists.

John Karl Scholz
Dean of the College of Letters & Science; Professor, Economics

Current research: Effects of earned income tax credit on labor supply; changing wealth inequality in the U.S.

Training roles: Teaches public economics, advises students on intergenerational and life-cycle economic behavior.

Mark Seidenberg
Hilldale Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience

Current research: Use of language and its bases in the brain using computational models; empirical research on reading and dyslexia, including behavioral studies, large-scale computational models, and neuroimaging studies.

Training roles: Teaches and advises on cognitive processes in reading, psycholinguistics, experimental methods, simulation models.

Geoffrey L. Wallace
Associate Professor, Public Affairs and Economics

Current research: Effects of public school choice on student achievement in Milwaukee; effects of welfare reform on families; macroeconomic change and welfare programs.

Training roles: Courses and advising on public policy and family decision making.

John Witte
Professor Emeritus, Poltical Science

Current research: Education Policy, Public Policy, Methodology, American Politics.

Training roles: Advising on public policy