ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences ITP: Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Funds are available to support a total of 85 students over the project’s three grants. Students supported by the project will hold the title of Research Assistant. The training stipend for 2015-16 is $30,000, with full tuition remission and benefits.

Advanced awards will provide 2 years of dissertator funding for discipline-based students who have developed substantive expertise in education and are pursuing dissertations that address applied questions on education with serious attention to causal inference.

Entry awards will provide up to 5 years of support for students beginning their 1st or 2nd years as graduate students, with the expectation that they will be funded an average of 3 years by the training grant and 2 years by other sources, including departmental funding through assistantships, teaching, and other fellowships.

In addition, up to $2000 per student is available during the fellowship year, to support specific research projects or conference travel. An internal application process will be used to determine how those funds will be allocated each year.