About Us


Since 2005, the Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences at the University of Wisconsin- Madison (ITP) has been helping to address the need for skilled researchers who can carry out research that will provide solid evidence about what programs will most benefit our nation’s students.


As one of a network of 37 pre- and post-doctoral training programs funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, UW's program is preparing a new generation of outstanding education science scholars. By drawing on the talents and research interests of over 25 outstanding campus scholars and providing specialized academic, professional, and financial supports and field research opportunities; a select group of doctoral students in eight education centered disciplines are learning how to design, carry out, and analyze specialized research in education issues.

UW's training program focuses on three themes:

  1. Design and implementation of field-based randomized studies in schools and other complex, real-world settings.
  2. Statistical analysis of quantitative survey, observational, and assessment data on education, with special attention to questions of causal inference.
  3. The impact of policy innovations at the federal, state, and local levels.


Participating Faculty and Program Leadership