ITP Conference

ITPalooza: Celebrating Education Research and Policy in ITP III

Thursday, May 19th &  Friday, May 20th, 2022

Pyle Center  (702 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706), Room 313

Conference Schedule

Thursday, May 19th

8:20am Welcome and nametag pick up

Coffee and breakfast available on first floor of the Pyle Center in a lounge room

8:30am The Wisconsin Idea and ITP

Diana Hess, Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education

Courtney Bell, Director, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Eric Grodsky, ITP Deputy Director, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

9:05am Wise Interventions in Education

A Replicable Identity-Based Intervention Reduces the Black-White Suspension Gap at Scale

Geoffrey Borman, Professor, Arizona State University

Receptivity and Responsiveness in a Wise Belonging Intervention

Jayme Pyne, Research Associate, Stanford University

Striving to Create Wiser Interventions: Elevating Student Voices

Yoi Tibbets, Asst. Professor, University of Virginia

9:50am Break

Coffee and breakfast available on first floor of the Pyle Center in a lounge room

10:00am Engaging with Practice: the Research Practice Partnership

Dominique Bradley, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research
Nick Mader, Researcher, Chapin Hall at U Chicago
Ruth Lopez Turley, Professor, Rice University, Director of Houston Education Research Consortium

Megan Shoji, Principal Researcher, Mathematica

11:15am Racial Segregation and Educational Inequality

Dilemmas of Egalitarian Reform in Segregated School Systems

Jeremy Fiel, Asst. Professor, Rice University

Segregation and Access to School Quality

Paul Hanselman, Asst. Professor, University of California-Irvine

12:00pm Lunch

Lunch is available in a main dining room

1:15pm Learning in Educational Contexts

Differential Nonlinear Relations of Language Proficiencies to Reading and Math Achievement in Spanish or English

Garret Hall, Asst. Professor, Florida State University

Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Supporting STEM Learning

Stacy Priniski, Research Associate, Michigan State University

Cognitive Reflection in Children's Science and Mathematics Learning

Andrew Young, Asst. Professor, Northeastern Illinois University

2:15pm Improving Higher Education

Are All Degrees Worth the Same? Exploring the Labor Market and Student Loan Outcomes of College Baccalaureate Graduates

Daniel Corral, Asst. Professor, University of Toronto

Horizontal Stratification among Graduate and Professional Degree

Noah Hirschl, Current Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Constructing Corequisites: Consequences of Dev-Ed Reform in Texas

Lauren Schudde, Assoc. Professor, University of Texas at Austin

3:00 Break

Mid-day refreshments are available on first floor of the Pyle Center in a lounge room

3:15pm The Present and Future of ITP

Adam Gamoran, President, William T. Grant Foundation

Geoffrey Borman, Professor, Arizona State University

Martha Alibali, Director, ITP

6pm Reception Dinner at the Fluno Center for current ITP fellows, ITP Alumni, and Speakers

Executive Dining Room, 601 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715

Cash bar opens 5:30pm

Plated dinner 6:00pm