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Graduate Placements (2018)

Evan Crawford (Political Sciences, ’18) accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of San Diego.

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Awards & Accomplishments (2017)

Recent ITP graduate Katharine Broton and collegues were honored at this year’s AERA meeting in San Antonio, TX with the Palmer O. Johnson Award for outstanding article appeaing in an AERA-sponsored publication.

Katie will be moving to an Assistant Professor position at the University of Iowa.

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Graduate Placements (2017)

Katharine Broton (Sociology ’17) Katie has accepted an Assistant Professor position at Iowa State University.

Rachel Feldman (Education Policy Studies ’17) Rachel was awarded an ITP advanced fellowship in 2015 and is currently an AERA Congressional Fellow.

Michelle Robinson (Sociology ’17) Michelle is a Research, Data and Policy Associate for the Race to Equity Project at the Wisconsin Council on Children and Famlies.

Yoi Tibbetts (Psychology ’17) Yoi accepted a position as a Research Professor at the University of Virginia’s Motivate Lab. He will be working with ITP alumni Chris Hulleman.

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Student Research in the Media (2016)

Anna Haskins (sociology ’13) was interviewed about prison reform and how incarceration of parents affects children’s education outcomes on the Out of Bounds radio show, 10/23/16. She was also featured in Cornell Research, in an article about her work on inequality, education, and mass incarceration. She is an assistant professor of sociology at Cornell University.

Research by Paul Hanselman (sociology ’14), Jeff Grigg (sociology ’14), Chris Rozek (psychology ’14), and ITP Director Geoffrey Borman, was featured in The Atlantic (9 Sep. 2016, “A Worrying Trend for Psychology’s ‘Simple Little Tricks'”).

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