Faculty List

Education Leadership and Policy Analysis

Peter Goff, Assistant Professor

Current research: K-12 educational policy, leadership evaluation and development, talent and human capital management in education, hiring and selection process
Training roles: Teaches educational finance and resource allocation, applied statistics, research methods and procedures in educational administration

Nicholas Hillman, Associate Professor

Current research: Higher education finance and policy
Training roles: Teaches higher education finance, education policy, quantitative research methods

Mollie T. McQuillan, Assistant Professor

Current research: Educational policy adoption and implementation processes; program evaluation; social determinants of health; the development and health of gender-expansive youth
Training roles: Teaches research methods in educational policy analysis and applied statistics

Educational Policy Studies

Amy Claessens, Associate Professor, Gulbrandson Distinguished Chair in Early Childhood Education

Current research: Early childhood education, mathematics skill development, child development
Training roles: Teaches early childhood development and public policy

Ran Liu, Assistant Professor

Current research: Gender inequality and intersectionality in STEM education; applying machine learning methods to identify heterogeneous treatment effects using observational data
Training roles: Introduction to survey design

Educational Psychology

Daniel Bolt, Professor

Current research: Theory and application of psychometric methods in education and psychology
Training roles: Teaches test construction, scaling, factor and cluster analysis

David Kaplan, Patricia Busk Professor of Quantitative Methods

Current research: Bayesian statistical inference for latent variable models and for models applied to experimental and observational studies.
Training roles: Teaching courses on structural equation modeling and Bayesian inference. Advising on dissertations.

Jee-Seon Kim, Professor

Current research: Development and application of quantitative methods for modeling change, learning, and human development, longitudinal data analysis, issues of omitted variables and multiple imputation, using multilevel and other latent variable models.
Training roles: Teaching courses on hierarchical linear modeling, experimental design, longitudinal data analysis, and latent variable modeling. Advising on theses and dissertations.

Percival Matthews, Associate Professor

Current research: How symbol systems support mathematical cognition, investigating children's understanding of the equal sign, mechanisms governing human symbolic capacities.

Training roles: Teaching courses on development of mathematical thinking, childhood development.


James Pustejovsky, Associate Professor

Current research: Development of statistical methods for problems in education, psychology, and social science research with a focus on methods related to research synthesis and meta-analysis.

Training roles: Teaching courses on meta-analysis, statistical methods for causal inference in experimental and quasi-experimental contexts

Program Leadership

Project Director:
Martha Alibali

Deputy Director:
Eric Grodsky

Program Manager:
Tricia S. Dusick

Program Assistant:
Mary Tedeschi

Steering Committee

Katherine Magnuson
Matthew Wiswall
David Weimer