Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Programs

Culminating Presentations

Interdisciplinary Research in Education Sciences (sponsored by Institute of Education Sciences and UW Grad School)

Student Symposium: Wednesday, August 4 (10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Central time)

Please email Tricia Dusick ( to register and receive the Zoom link.


10:30 a.m.  Welcome

Morning Session

10:35  Sydney Tran “How Racial and Ethnic Composition Affect Exclusionary Discipline: A Look at Wisconsin Schools from 2007-2020” (mentored by Dr. James Pustejovsky)

10:55 Valencia GriffinLearning on Lines (LoL): Effectiveness of Number Lines on Fraction Knowledge” (mentored by Dr. Percival Matthews)

11:15  Kayla Benitez Alvarez  “No Place Like Home? Immigrant Students’ Preferences for College Proximity” (mentored by Dr. Jordan Conwell)

11:35  Wren King  “Examining Educational Policies in the Midwest: A Patchwork Quilt of Protections” (mentored by Dr. Mollie McQuillan)

11:55  Tameya Corbett  “Exploring the Effects of COVID-19 in Early Childhood Education: A Deep Dive into the Effects of  COVID-19 within Disadvantaged Households” (mentored by Dr. Amy Claessens)


Afternoon Session

1:00  Emma Friedmann  “Contingency Table Interpretation in Middle Schoolers”  (mentored by Dr. Martha Alibali)

1:20  Lily Enbysk  “Is Academic Tracking Effective in Schools: The Meta-Analysis Coding Process”  (mentored by Dr. Mollie McQuillan)

1:40  Sana Azam  “Cultivating Equivalence”  (mentored by Dr. Percival Matthews)

2:00  Delilah Hernandez  “Predicting Life Course Through Yearbooks”  (mentored by Dr. Eric Grodsky)



Summer Education Research Program (sponsored by School of Education and UW Grad School)

Student Presentations: Thursday, July 29


10:30 a.m.  Introductions

Morning Session

10:45  Edith Urbano  “The Arts as a Center for Resource: What Resources Do Out of School Arts Organizations Provide for Young People of Historically Marginalized Communities?”  (mentored by Dr. Erica Halverson)

11:00 Emily Manzo  “Navigating Post Secondary Education: Narratives of Undocumented Latina Community College Transfer Students” (mentored by Dr. Xueli Wang)

11:15  Luam Rincon  “A Review of Internalizing Interventions”  (mentored by Dr. Katie Eklund)

11:30 Cintia Alaniz  “¡Estamos aquí y somos importantes!*: Fostering Latinx First-Generation DACA students’ sense of belonging and well-being with culturally responsive mentoring”  (mentored by Dr. Alberta Gloria)

11:45  Guadalupe Aviles  “Critical Language Awareness in the Context of Spanish Teaching”  (mentored by Dr. Diego Román)


Afternoon Session

2:00  Emily Esquivel  “Transitions: My Undergraduate Summer Research Experience”  (mentored by Dr. Brian Burt)

2:15  Tricia Francis  “COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Wisconsin Populations”  (mentored by Dr. Dorothy Farrar-Edwards)

2:30 Bree Chambers  “The Keys: A Thematic Approach of School Supports in a Midwestern Middle School”  (mentored by Dr. Andy Garbacz)

2:45  Sarah Eckerstorfer  “Teaching for Democracy: Establishing Anti-Racism, Student Leadership, and Civic Action Benchmarks for Elementary Aged Students” (mentored by Dr. Simone Schweber)

3:00 Jaden Mikoulinskii  “Public School District Policies in the Midwest: A Retrospective Case Study of Indiscrepancies” (mentored by Dr. Mollie McQuillan)